Following a planning process that began in late 2011, the CRS tonight began safety patrols in the area around the River Lagan in Belfast City Centre. This is the first step in an ongoing process to provide assistance to those in difficulty in that area. The CRS Belfast Unit is currently leading the way in providing this service in support of the police and other emergency services with the support of CRS members from around the province. For more information regarding volunteering for the CRS please visit our 'join us' page.
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02 Aug 14
CRS to provide Safety Cover at Dergfest 2014

12 Apr 14
White Collar Boxing Fundraiser

29 Nov 13
Ultimate Dance Kraze 2

07 Nov 13
Strabane Radio Online

30 Jun 13
Car Boot Sale (Strabane)

15 Jun 13
Take Me Out Night

07 Apr 13

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Festival of Flight

The CRS had a large presence at the Festival of Flight in Newcastle where we provided part of the safety cover/ response alongside our other emergency services colleagues and various other agencies and volunteer groups. The CRS provided over 50 people who crewed boats, provided communications, cleared and managed beaches, provided security around aircraft, patrolled and stewarded public areas, crewed jet skis and four wheel drive vehicles. We also had 4 motorcycles on constant standby to respond to any emergencies alongside our rapid response teams.

The event went off without a hitch and was well attended with massive crowds estimated to exceed 100,000 and the excellent weather conditions added to what was a fantastic day.


Jonathan Patton Assistant Regional Commander with the CRS and event coordinator stated   ”the CRS were asked to assist with this prestigious event for the first time and we were tasked with a number of vital roles and responsibilities both before and during the event. Our highly specialised and disciplined teams from locations around the province came together to ensure that the Festival of Flight was a successful and safe day out for the many thousands of visitors and locals who attended.

 It was a pleasure to be working alongside the many various organisations and in particular I must mention the outstanding job carried out by Anne Mooreland from Down Council who was the backbone of this event”

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